Thailand set to manufacture AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine

Thailand has reached an agreement with AstraZeneca to manufacture doses of its Covid-19 vaccine once it becomes available so that Thais and other countries in the region could access it without a long wait.

The British Embassy in Thailand made the announcement since AstraZeneca is headquartered in the United Kingdom.

“With the expected technology transfer from AstraZeneca and following Thai FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulatory approval, the company is aiming to have the first batch of vaccines available in the middle of next year,” said Satitpong Sukvimol, Chairman of Siam Bioscience, the company that will manufacture the vaccine.

Siam Cement, the country’s largest industrial conglomerate, is also a party to the agreement. AstraZeneca will work with Siam Bioscience to set up the manufacturing facility.

Oxford University is developing and testing the vaccine in conjunction with AstraZeneca. Their elixir is widely viewed as one of the most promising among over one hundred potential vaccines being developed around the world.

Researchers in Thailand are also working on developing a vaccine. Thai researchers have said that a locally produced vaccine could be distributed regionally or to other developing countries before enough doses are available of other versions.

Thailand has had one of the most effective public health responses to the Covid-19 pandemic with very few cases and no community spread detected in months.

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