Thailand drafting its first climate law

Thailand is drafting its first law directly targeting climate change and its commitment to meet the Paris Agreement goals, according to the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, who said the bill would require businesses to report their emissions and publish their carbon footprints.

“The climate change draft will help the country protect the environment and drive the economy,” said Warawut Silpa-Archa, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment.

The Kingdom has set a goal to reduce its carbon emissions by 20 percent by 2030. Thailand is the leader in Southeast Asia in power generated by wind and solar and is strong in other renewables. Its 20-year National Strategy aims for a higher-tech and green economy and society.

“Our carbon footprint will be significant in the future, so this law will help the country work in line with global action to reduce global warming,” Warawut said.

The bill must be submitted to the Cabinet before it goes on to parliament. Warawut said he hopes it will be voted into law sometime early next year.

The law would require factories and businesses to record and report their carbon emissions. The government will require companies making products for export to have labels on their products detailing their carbon footprint information.

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