Prime Minister says vaccine should be ‘global public goods’

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha called on pharmaceutical companies and governments to regard any Covid-19 vaccine as “global public goods” to ensure everyone has access to it no matter where they live or their income level.

The Prime Minister made the call at a ceremony for United Nations Day on October 24, which marked the 75th Anniversary of the organization’s founding. Thailand’s leader praised the U.N. for addressing international challenges, promoting peace, security, human rights and sustainable development.

As over 100 companies worldwide are racing to develop, test and eventually distribute a vaccine to protect people from Covid-19, advocates for developing countries have been voicing concerns that poorer nations will have to wait longer to receive doses.

The issue highlights global disparities and inequalities. ‘Global public goods’ are available everywhere, with no region or country being excluded. The concept has been open to interpretation and its definition is a matter of debate.

Thailand recently reached an agreement with one of the companies, AstraZeneca, to manufacture vaccine in the Kingdom if it proves safe and effective when trials are complete. The Kingdom plans to also distribute what it produces to other countries in the region.

In addition, Prime Minister Prayut also urged the Ministry of Public Health last week to fast track procuring vaccines from other sources, while Thai scientists and researchers are also working on developing a vaccine.

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