America’s Dell optimistic on Thai personal computer market

Sales of personal computers in Thailand should remain strong through the first quarter of next year because of the Covid-19 pandemic and new government tax incentives, according to Dell Technologies, a leading computer manufacturer from the United States.

“We believe the local computer market will continue to gain momentum in line with the rise of consumer demand since the lockdown, as these devices are essential for work and study from home,” said Anothai Wettayakorn, Vice-President for Southeast Asian Consumer Business at Dell Technologies.

Anothai said his market intelligence shows that mid-price to high-end computers are driving sales, as those who can afford them have suffered less under pandemic prevention restrictions that have otherwise stifled economic growth and activities.

“Their demand is steady for high-performance computers, particularly for gaming and graphics,” Anothai said of the more affluent consumers.

The government has taken measures that should induce more people to buy items, including computers, to speed economic recovery. It has launched the ‘Shop and Payback’ tax rebate program that is expected to cause computer sales to rise substantially.

This government’s program allows people to deduct up to nearly $1,000 spent on certain goods and services, including computers. The program runs from Oct 23rd to Dec 31st 2020. Government officials have said they expect 3.7 million people to take advantage of the rebates.

Anothai said the program may convince some consumers who were planning to buy new computers in the first half of next year to change plans and buy them now to take advantage of the cash back.

A previous government program called “Eat, Shop, Spend” led to a 30 percent rise in computer sales compared with a normal period, he said.

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