Demand for beef on the rise in Thailand

More and more beef could be found on Thai plates and in Thai recipes. And that is good news for beef-exporting countries, including the United States.

Thais have been developing a taste for beef in recent years. While chicken and pork remain the main meats consumed most by Thais and other Asians, beef consumption has risen 25 percent during the past five years. Food suppliers in Thailand say they are seeking to source more imports from a range of beef-producing countries, including the United States.

Siriporn Dechsingha, an Executive at Siam Makro, a hypermarket chain, said Thailand’s beef consumption this year would be worth about $330 million. The Livestock Development Department reported Thais consume an average of about 6 pounds of beef per person a year, up from 5.4 pounds five years ago.

“Consumption of local beef and imported beef has risen by 10 percent for three straight years. Restaurants have added more beef dishes to their menus, while the pandemic has driven beef consumption at home. Beef is more affordable now for Thais,” Siriporn said.

“Thailand is a world-renowned destination for food lovers, and foodservice operators want to sell American beef,” said Joel Haggard, U.S. Meat Export Federation’s Senior Vice President for Asia-Pacific.

Siriporn said that Thais are becoming more enamored of beef because tourists from Japan and Korea like it, and local restaurants are serving it more to cater to them. Also, many Thais have been traveling as tourists to those same countries and trying the beef offerings among the cuisines there.

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