Microsoft will help build Thai business resilience in 2021

Microsoft’s Thailand strategy for 2021 will focus on assisting local firms in digital transformation, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity while training a quarter-million Thais in computer technology to help strengthen the Kingdom’s business resilience.

“With the pandemic leading to uncertain times, businesses need to be resilient by being able to respond to emerging challenges, recover fast and re-imagine new business models,” said Dhanawat Suthumpun, Managing Director of Microsoft Thailand.

Dhanawat said companies could create a culture of innovation if employees have a growth mindset, the company uses data analytics, automation and integrated work processes. Firms must also be prepared to adopt disruptive technologies. Microsoft’s goal is to serve as a partner to Thai enterprises undergoing a digital transition. And more Thai companies are opening their minds to making that change, Dhanawat continued.

“Before the pandemic, 59 percent of Thai businesses were categorized as traditionalists. This figure was cut to 48 percent in a few months after. This change is reflected in the baseline, with the number of organizations at the novice level rising from 40 percent to 47 percent,” Dhanawat said.

The figures were drawn from a joint survey of businesses in 15 markets in Asia and the Pacific conducted by Microsoft and IDC Financial Insights.

The study reached 3,312 business decision-makers and 3,495 workers over six months in 2020. They included 200 business decision-makers in Thailand and 237 Thai workers.

The study found that 40 percent of organizations in Thailand regard the pandemic as an opportunity to grow revenues faster than competitors and pick up market shares.

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