Thai hospital using U.S. – made robot surgeon.

One of Bangkok’s most prominent hospitals has a new American on staff: a U.S. – made robot surgeon named “da Vinci X” designed to assist surgeons’ accuracy during procedures by using 3D high definition technology.

Tanet Thaidumrong, Head of a committee overseeing the robotic surgical system at Rajavithi Hospital, said that da Vinci Xi is the most advanced technology used by any of Thailand’s hospitals. And the results have been impressive.

“The robotic arms are developed to be close to people’s hands in terms of movement. But the good point is that they can go deeper to small points of the body that need operating on without any limitations,” he said.

Da Vinci X is the most advanced of eight surgical robots in use at four Thai hospitals, all of them in Bangkok. It was developed and manufactured by Intuitive Corporation of Sunnyvale, California.

Da Vinci X’s technologies enable the robot arms to move, bend, rotate and twist beyond human capabilities, allowing the robot surgeons to operate with a more steady motion than is humanly possible, Intuitive said.

Rajavithi said that 85 percent of the operations performed by the robot have been related to diseases found in the throat, ears and nose, 11 percent for gynecology, and 2 percent for prostate and kidney cancer.

Robots are not only time-saving but also provide patients with greater safety by reducing direct contact with medical teams, said Somsak Akksilp, Chief of the Department of Medical Services at Rajavithi Hospital.

He said da Vince X would play an increasingly larger role in performing surgeries on patients with complicated conditions or diseases.

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