Thailand scored world’s fastest broadband speed.

Road traffic can be quite a challenge during rush hours in Bangkok, but internet traffic is lighting fast in Thailand. The Kingdom averaged the fastest fixed-line broadband speed among 176 countries during December 2020, according to the Speedtest Global Index, developed by Ookla, the Seattle-based internet testing company.

In December last year, Thailand’s average fixed broadband speed reached 308.35 megabits per second for downloads, topping Singapore for first place in the index.

Internet speed and reliability are among important qualities many investors look for when deciding where to locate their manufacturing or service facilities. Especially as more industries are growing by relying on new technologies that involve the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and robotics.

Pisut Ngamvijitvong, Senior Director of Research at Kasikorn Securities, said Thailand’s ascension to the top of the index is a result of robust competition among broadband providers.

The most recent market entrant is Advanced Info Service, or AIS, one of the country’s leading mobile phone service providers. AIS networks are all fiber optic, while its rivals still are mostly using ADSL, an older and slower technology. Those rivals are starting to respond by transitioning to fiber optic cables to boost broadband speeds.

“Fixed broadband packages have higher speeds and lower prices every year,” Pisut said.

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