Two Thai COVID-19 vaccines moving towards human trials.

Two COVID-19 vaccines developed by Thai researchers are moving towards human trials, with scientists expecting to distribute several million doses by the end of this year.

Once proved safe and effective, these Thai-developed vaccines would become available to join other vaccines in meeting the need of developing countries.

Along with the praise by the United Nations towards Thailand’s public health system, Thai scientists’ efforts in developing a formulation for COVID-19 has shown that the Kingdom’s medical and public health sectors continue to advance to higher levels.

Scientists at the Vaccine Research Center at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok told reporters last week that they would begin human trials in May of their mRNA vaccine. As soon as the trials are successful, five million doses would be delivered by the end of this year.

An advantage of the ChulaCOV19 vaccine, the scientists said, was that it could be stored at temperatures higher than other formulation. That could be especially useful in developing nations that might not have the necessary or extensive cold storage distribution chains needed for other vaccines.

The Government Pharmaceutical Organization and Mahidol University, the Kingdom’s premier medical school, are also collaborating on a vaccine labeled NDV-HXP-S that will also begin human trials next month. Should the vaccine pass the trial phases, its developers believe they could produce 30 million doses per year.

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