Infrastructure projects worth $5.3 billion to begin this year

Thailand is rolling ahead with its national infrastructure upgrade as construction on four megaprojects worth $5.3 billion in total and funded by public-private partnerships will break ground this year.
The four megaprojects involve roads and rail, and they have been designated as high priority, according to Pantip Sripimol, Director-General of the State Enterprise Policy Office, Ministry of Finance. The jobs and investment they create would help stimulate the country’s economy when global trade has dropped off caused by the current coronavirus pandemic.
These priority projects include the inaugural phase of the resort island of Phuket’s first commuter rail line. Another rail line will be built in northern Bangkok, further expanding the mass transit network in the capital. Also, two major inter-provincial highways will be widened, improved and remodeled.
The Committee overseeing public-private partnerships said it had 77 projects worth approximately $30 billion that would be open for investment from the private sector through 2027. Eighteen of the ventures have been deemed high priority.
Aside from road and rail, the Kingdom is also investing in expanding and improving airports, seaports, irrigation systems, logistics systems, and information and communications hardware and software.
For decades Thailand has had the most advanced and extensive infrastructure in Southeast Asia, while infrastructure has been a strong selling point to manufacturers and other businesses that invest.
To stay ahead of the pack and raise Thailand’s national competitiveness and sustainability, the government has mapped out a wide-ranging upgrade plan worth roughly $100 billion.
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