Ambassador of Thailand discussed economic relations during a working lunch with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

          On 9 March 2021, Ambassador Manasvi hosted lunch at the Residence in honor of U.S. Chamber of Commerce (USCC) and had an opportunity to exchange views from global economy to bilateral trade and investment, regional economic issues, including Thailand – U.S. cultural relations. Honored guests from USCC include Charles Freeman, Senior Vice President for Asia, John Goyer, Executive Director for Southeast Asia, and Javiera Gallardo, Director for Southeast Asia, while Minister, Minister (Economic and Financial), Minister (Commercial Affairs) were among the participants from the Thai side. Discussions during the working lunch were fruitful in a very friendly atmosphere.

          Prior to the lunch, John Goyer, who lived with his family in Thailand during his younger years, presented a replica of the “Eagle and Elephant” sword as a personal gift to the Embassy. The sword, featuring an eagle and an elephant on a gold handle, was presented to His Majesty King Rama III by American envoy Edmund Roberts in 1833, as a gift from President Andrew Jackson. 1833 was the celebratory year of the commencement of Thailand – U.S. diplomatic relations when the Treaty of Amity and Commerce was signed on 20 March. The symbolical gift from John truly reflects his and his family’s fond memory about the country and its culture, history, and people, which was gratefully appreciated by all the participants.