Meeting between Ambassador Manasvi and Thailand’s Honorary Consul-General in Boston, MA

On 12 March 2021, Ambassador Manasvi Srisodapol held a virtual meeting with Mr. Joseph A. Milano, Honorary Consul-General of the Kingdom of Thailand, in Boston, Massachusetts. They discussed possible collaboration to promote Thailand’s economy, investments, and tourism, in addition to fostering a close relationship with Massachusetts’ local government and businesses.

On Thai-US investment promotion, the discussion touched upon the possibility of holding virtual seminars with the business community of Boston and Massachusetts on Thailand’s economic outlook and potential as a part of the recalibrated global supply chains.  Environmental protection is one of the key factors in Thailand’s economic development plans and cooperation with international partners.  The Royal Thai Government is actively promoting Bio Circular and Green (BCG) economic model which focuses on strengthening bioenergy, biofood, medical tourism, and artificial intelligence industries.

Another topic of discussion was the promotion of Thailand’s tourism and Thai local businesses. The Embassy is currently planning events, namely, Thai Restaurant Week through the week of 11-17 April 2021, to celebrate Songkran (Thailand’s New Year holiday), and a virtual Thai film festival in cooperation with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Asian Art in June 2021, and is keen on promoting similar activities in Boston area.

Ambassador Manasvi expressed his appreciation of Mr. Milano’s dedication to assisting the Thai community and his role in engaging with the City of Boston to promote the Bangkok-Boston Sister City Partnership.