Using AI to measure mask-wearing and social distancing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is keeping an eye out for COVID-19 risks. Professors at Thammasat University have developed an application that uses AI to measure mask-wearing, social distancing and body temperatures in areas so they can alert the public about where the risk of COVID-19 transmission may be high.
According to Thammasat, the professors “have developed an innovation using AI to detect, analyze and report face mask usage in each area and provide real-time results. The real-time scanner is to provide support for COVID-19 protection.”
The software and scanner were created jointly by Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology at Thammasat and Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Research and Innovation, alongside National Research Council of Thailand.
“Apart from monitoring mask-wearing, this innovation can also detect movement and social distancing rate of the citizens,” said Professor Sirilerk Songsivilai of the Ministry of Higher Education.
“Moreover, the temperature monitoring system is also highly developed and can provide real-time results on the number of people having high temperatures in that area. Therefore, the two innovations will help us cope with the pandemic efficiently,” he said.
An overwhelming percentage of Thais wear masks without protest or complaint because of their sense of personal and social responsibility. In addition, the practiceis widelycommon in the Kingdom and throughout much of Asia. Global public health officials have cited the high rate of mask-wearing as among the factors that contributed to Thailand’s highly effective response to the pandemic.
This innovation will facilitate notifying the public about areas where some people are not wearing masks either out of a false sense of safety and security or for other reasons. It would be used to alert the public about which areas may be at higher risk.