More jobs available a sign that Thai economy is on the rise

A nearly 25 percent rise in jobs posted by employers in February is a positive sign that Thailand’s economy is beginning to bounce back from the COVID-19 recession, which saw over 3 million jobs lost as businesses and trade shut down.
“This is a great sign of recovery in the Thai labor market,” said Pornladda Dathratwibul, Thailand Country Manager of JobsDB, one of the largest job posting websites and agencies in the region.
A recovery in the job market is a traditional indicator of an imminent broader economic resurgence. The jobs indicator is one of several recent signals and data that point to the Kingdom rising from recession.
Pornladda said employment demand in February recovered based on job search platforms and other online channels, with a 24.7 percent rise from low points last year during two COVID-19 outbreaks.
She said employment should reach pre-pandemic levels in early 2022.
The job category with the most job announcements on JobsDB during the first quarter was “sales, customer service and business development,” followed by “IT and engineering.”
Market and public relations scored the highest growth in job announcements compared to the second half of last, rising by 29.7 percent. Transport and logistics came in second with 24.7 percent growth and manufacturing at 20.8 percent. IT expanded by 10 percent.
“There is a shortage of people with IT skills as every business needs these people for digital transformation following the pandemic,” said Pornladda.