Florida firm will produce EV batteries in Thailand.

Florida-based Evlomo Inc. will partner with Thailand’s Rojana Industrial Park to produce batteries for electric vehicles (EV). The firms will invest $1.06 billion in a new manufacturing facility in the Kingdom’s Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC).

The partners said the new facility would create 3,000 jobs as Thailand powered ahead in the next generation vehicle sector. Electric vehicles and related technologies are among the priority sectors the government supports and promotes for investment as part of Thailand 4.0, the country’s 20-year strategy to attain a more advanced level of development.

Crucial to the success of electric vehicles are batteries and battery technologies. Evlomo is not an entirely new investor in Thailand. The company recently announced plans to establish a wide network of EV chargers across the Kingdom.

The company said the chargers would be accessible through an integrated platform on mobile phones or devices using the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

Evlomo said it was also developing a network of D.C. fast chargers, with capacities ranging up to 350 kW. These chargers would be compatible with all major EV models on the market. The company is partnering with Australia’s Tritium, a pioneering firm in plug and charge technology, and California’s East Group for charging infrastructure.

Evlomo is also collaborating with Thailand’s PTT Oil and Retail Plc. to bring public ultra-fast EV chargers to PTTOR sites in the EEC.

Kanit Sangsubhan, Secretary-General of the EEC Office, said that Evlomo’s investment would upgrade Thailand’s EV industry and enable it to become the focal point of state-of-the-art battery technology production in Southeast Asia.