Royal Thai Embassy, Washington D.C., supports local communities

On 2 June 2021, Ambassador Manasvi led Team Thailand in the U.S. (Offices of Army, Navy, Air Force, Commerce, Finance, Agriculture, Education and Science) in joining volunteer activities inspired by the Royal Initiative Volunteer Projects in celebration of the Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen (3 June 2021) to donate toiletries and the like to the Georgetown Ministry Center in helping those in need in Washington, D.C.

In this regard, Thailand’s Royal Thai Volunteers “Doing Good Deeds for Country and People” program is aimed for social services, country’s image promotion, as well as relationship building between the Embassy and local organizations. We donated necessary items such as tooth paste, toothbrushes, shower cream, razors, shampoo, skin lotion, etc. to the Georgetown Ministry Center, housed at Grace Episcopal Church in Georgetown in the same neighborhood of the Embassy, through their food drive, shower station, clothing, medical service, and communication channel (through posts and phones) programs.