Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Visas and Certificate of Entry (COE)

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) for VISA and COE


It is highly recommend to apply for a visa a month before your intend travel date.
Many factors play a role in the visa processing times i.e. is your application is filled out correctly and accompanied by all needed documents, the order the visa application is received in comparison to other visa applications. However, you should see the updates on your visa application dashboard within 15 business days.  (To check status, please sign in to the or read below)

Due to the number of application, the embassy can not check status for each individuals.
The applicant must check their visa status through (click here to see how to check the status online)

Note: The visa process starts when you submit all of the required documents to the Embassy. This includes the Bar-code (or the appointment receipt), original passport, and other related documents. After you submit all documents to the embassy, please expect up to 15 days for the visa status to be changed.

If the status is not changed, it is likely because your application is not complete or the  provided documents was not suffice. In the case that the embassy needs more information or documents, the embassy will send email to the applicant directly. Please check your email thoroughly by searching any email from or

The Embassy does not accept walk-in or drop-off at the moment. All visa applications must be mail to the following address:

Consular Section, Thai Embassy
ATTN: visa
2300 Kalorama road NW
Washington DC

The Thaievisa website was created before the pandemic and were used by Royal Thai Embassy/ Royal Thai Consulate-General in many countries. thus, the system was created for the applicants to walk-in and submit document for visa review. However, with an ongoing situation of COVID-19, the Embassy in DC is now do not accept walk-in or drop-off. Please mail document to the embassy only.


As of today, the Embassy has not received any official guidelines regarding the Phuket Sand Box due to an ongoing situation in Thailand. Thus, the regulation at this time would be quarantine for 14 days.
If you plan to travel to Phuket in July, please check back on the Embassy’s website regularly.

Many factors play a role in the COE processing times i.e. is your application is filled out correctly and accompanied by all needed documents, the order the application is received in comparison to other applications, the date of arrival in Thailand. However, you may expect the processing time between 1-15 days.

It is highly recommend to not request the COE too early. This is because the application has a 15 days period before the application expired.

Thus, it is recommend to request the COE around 20 days prior to the intended travel date.

If you successfully request the COE, you will get an email with the 6 Digit code automatically.

There are few reasons when you do not receive the email.
– You provide an incorrect email.
– Your application is still in the system. Please note that you may change/revise your information rather than creating new request to prevent the duplication in the system.
– The email may lands into Spam or Junk mail. (This rarely happens)

Should you still have a problem accessing the COE application, please contact the Royal Thai Embassy.

In order to request for the COE, you must upload a proof of insurance that covers COVID-19 with at least $100,000 coverage. It must be indicated on the letter or statement. If you were rejected, you may highlight or circle the phrase/ sentence in the paperwork that you provided previously.

You do not need to get a new insurance coverage IF your current insurance company can issue such statement. Please contact your insurance company for further details. 

DO NOT REQUEST A NEW COE unless you were suggested to do so by the officer. If you request a new COE and it’s duplicate the information in the system, you will not get a 6 Digit-code.

In order to change the information on the COE, please contact the Embassy/ Consulate-General that issued the COE for you. (The first paragraph of your COE / or the signature seals will indicate the location where you receive the COE from).

If you received the COE from the Embassy in DC, please email to consularpr@thaiembdc.orgThe email should provide the 6-Digit code and Full name to request the access to the application.

Please be informed that the Embassy/Consulate-General can not make any changes to the COE they did not issued.

You may have chosen the wrong type of permitted person. Please change your permitted person to the
11 (Exempt) – 
Medium term Visitor – Visa Exemption. (see below) 

To upload the file, you have to click an “up icon” under the picture after you browse the intended file. (see below)

Upload button

If you are not Diplomatic officers / Government officials / or using normal passport to enter Thailand, please choose ORDINARY passport.

Official passport is for U.S. government official who entering Thailand as part of their duty.