Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Visa

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) for VISA


All visa applications must be submit through the e-Visa portal ( Please note that applicants are no longer required to mail anything to the Embassy and the Embassy does not accept walk-in or drop-off for the visa services at the moment. 

The Royal Thai Embassy and Royal Thai Consulate-General in the United States is currently using a new e-Visa system which no longer required for e-Visa applicant to submit his/her passport and original supporting documents through mail/in-person.

After the e-Visa application has been approved, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to applicants. It is kindly requested to print a copy of the confirmation e-mail to present to airline and Thai Immigration officials to carry out checks when travelling to Thailand.

Currently, every visa can be requested through e-Visa portal except Thailand Elite visa.

1. Check if you need a visa or not.

*If the purpose is for vacation and will stay less than 30 days in Thailand, U.S. passport holders don’t need a visa. This is called “VISA EXEMPTION“. (The period of stay can not be extended. )*

2. If you need a visa, you may apply for E-visa at  
– If the visa application is approved, you will receive the visa through email
– If the Embassy needs more information / document, the Embassy will send a request email to the applicant

For more information regarding the E-visa, you may also check the webpage to see the Video User Manual (click hereor download the Manual here

It is highly recommended to apply for a visa around one month before your intended travel date.

Many factors play a role in the visa processing times i.e. Is your application is filled out correctly and accompanied by all needed documents, The order the visa application is received in comparison to other visa applications. However, you should see the updates on your visa application dashboard within 15 business days.  (To check status, please sign in to the or read below)

Due to the number of application, the embassy can not check status for each individuals.
The applicant must check their visa status through (click here to see how to check the status online)

Note: The visa process starts when you upload all of the required documents to the Embassy.  After you submit all documents to the embassy, please expect up to 15 days for the visa status to be changed.

If the status is not changed, it is likely because your application is not complete or the  provided documents was not suffice. In the case that the embassy needs more information or documents, the embassy will send email to the applicant directly. Please check your email thoroughly by searching any email from or

If you successfully submitted the application in the system, the status  should not be “pending paymentbut must be “processing.

If the status of your application show pending payment, please pay first (see below or read instruction or watch the video manual for more information)


If the problem still persists, please contact your credit card provider / Bank to resolve the issue. Some credit card may flag the purchase as fraud because of the foreign bank that was associated with the transaction and you may explain to them that the purchase was not fraudulent.

In the case that the embassy needs more information or documents, the embassy will send email to the applicant directly. Please check your email thoroughly by searching any email from, including your Junk/Spam box.

If you can not find the email and would like to inquire about the missing document, you may also email to Please include Full Name, Passport number, and Type of visa requested in the email.

*Due to the high volume of emails and calls, please allow up to 5 business days for the reply and it is strongly encourage each applicant to search their mailbox first.*

If the status show visa was being delivered but you can not find it in your email, you can also sign in to your account on Thai E-visa portal to download the document under E-visa dashboard. Some devices or web browsers may not show the full page, please make sure that you scroll to the right or scroll down to see all information that may be hidden.



Please check (page 32) to see how to download the form.

If you have not downloaded the form while you are submitting the application, please click here to fill and sign the form.

If you are not sure about the type of visa that  you may qualified for, please check the Thai Evisa website for more information.

Certain type of visa (i.e. O-A, O-X, STV) required applicant to submit Foreign Insurance Certificate with three signatures from the Insurance Company. 

  • Foreign Insurance Certificate as stipulated by the Office of Insurance Commission and Health Insurance of Thailand, which must be completed, signed and stamped by the insurance company. The form can be downloaded here: Foreign Insurance Certificate Form

 A list of Thai insurance companies participating in the scheme can be found here:


Validity of visa (or the date presented on your visa) refers to the period that travelers may use that visa to enter Thailand. This is not the permitted period of stay in Thailand which will be determined by the Immigration Officer at the port of entry. 

Period of stay refers to the permitted time period that one may present in the Kingdom of Thailand. At the port of entry, travelers will receive a stamp from the Immigration Officer with the duration allowed to stay in Thailand.

Extension of stay: If travelers would like to extend the period of stay in Thailand, they must contact the Immigration Bureau directly when they are presenting in Thailand. (click here for Immigration Bureau website)

Every visas has an expiration date and it is considered as applying for a new visa, not renewal.
Should you need to get a new visa, please apply through Thai E-visa portal.

Visa will be issued based on what you have filled in the system, please make sure that you fill information correctly and provide truthful information.

Since the information in your application can not be revise or override manually even by the Embassy’s officer, if your information is incorrect you must reapply for a new visa and pay again.

Please double check your information before submit for your own benefit.


Travelers who plan to travel with their accompany (Family, Friend, or Coworker) may apply under one account on Thai E-visa portal. (i.e. One person can create account and apply for each family member no need to create account for each)

However,  a visa application is for each individual, please make sure that you complete application for every travelers.