5th Grade students under the Embassy Adoption Program (EAP) presented their impression on Thailand during online class visits

On 15 June 2021, the Royal Thai Embassy, Washington D.C., met students of Ms. Tiffany Rose’s fifth-grade class from Patterson Elementary School under the Embassy Adoption Program (EAP), the partnership program between DC Public Schools and Washington Performing Arts (WPA), for the fourth (and last) time during this academic year. Besides 10 students, Ms. Victorie Thomas, the school principal, and Mr. Joseph Campbell, In-school suspension coordinator were also among the participants of this online class.

During this class, Minister Boosara Kanchanalai joined to congratulate the class on completing their academic year, express gratitude to Ms. Rose for her wonderful cooperation with the Royal Thai Embassy throughout the year, and extend appreciation to the EAP for presenting an opportunity for children in Washington D.C. to learn about Thailand with the Embassy. Minister Boosara also welcomed both teachers and students from Patterson Elementary School to visit the Embassy when an opportunity arises, most possibly once the COVID-19 pandemic situation has eased up.

After that, students recited short poems they each composed to present their impression and things they learned about Thailand from the past 3 online class visits. The poems mentioned Thai food, tropical fruits, arts and cultures, weather, Thai New Year festival, and costumes. In this regard, Ms. Rose gave the Embassy the compilation in an electronic file with a page filled with cartoon characters representing all the students in the class.

This Capstone Presentation session is the most valuable out of 4 class visits throughout this academic year because students are presented with an opportunity to convey their impression about Thailand. The Embassy positively believes that being able to learn about diverse perspectives and exchange cultures with other countries is the foundation to build better understanding and interaction between peoples. In this connection, the Embassy is grateful to join the EAP, which is a great program that introduces public schools in Washington D.C. to discover, enquire, and has an open mindset to new stories about other countries around the world.

Read haikus about Thailand by the students here.

written by Ms. Rose’s class
Patterson Elementary School
school year 2020-2021