Retiring U.S. military attaché praised

Bangkok Post, Thailand’s leading English-language newspaper, published a praise-filled profile of U.S. military attaché Colonel Larry Redmon saying that he was a positive force in Thailand – U.S. relations during his four decades of service, most of it spent in the Kingdom. Redmon recently retired.

“Colonel Larry Redmon, ex-Army Attache at the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, played a big role in strengthening Thailand – U.S. military cooperation,” wrote the newspaper.

Thailand is the oldest treaty partner of the U.S. in Asia, with their first bilateral agreement dating back to 1833. Thai and U.S. soldiers have fought side by side in several conflicts and worked together in a number of United Nations peacekeeping missions.

Redmon was first deployed to Thailand 35 years ago as a Green Beret for a mission with the Royal Thai Army Special Forces. Afterwards, he served as an exchange officer attending the Thai Army Command Staff College, and was eventually assigned to the Joint United States Military Advisory Group, Thailand (JUSMAGTHAI). Six years ago, he returned to Thailand as the U.S. Army Attache.

While serving, he helped teach Thai soldiers advanced encryption techniques to prevent others from decoding their communications. He also trained them on medical techniques in the field that helped save many lives.

“I believe in the U.S. – Thailand friendship and I believe that this friendship is even more important than it has been in the past,” Redmon said.

Sadness was how Redmon described his feelings as he prepared to leave the Kingdom. But, he said, he would be back before long as a retiree.

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