Thais volunteering to care for COVID-19 patients

Thai people have grouped in large numbers to help care for fellow citizens and others living in the Kingdom who have suffered from COVID-19, as doctors and medical professionals strive valiantly to cope with the most recent outbreak, according to the Associated Press.

“As Thailand has handled a current surge of coronavirus cases, the Thai people are joining to help plug the gaps through bringing care and supplies to frightened, exhausted patients,” wrote the AP.

The United Nations has praised Thailand for having one of the most comprehensive and quality public health systems among developing and middle-income countries. But the global pandemic has pushed countries around the world, including Thailand, to keep improving ways to manage care and provide testing for rising numbers of people who have contracted the coronavirus.

Thailand was cited for its effective response to the first three waves, but the latest delta variant has made the situation increasingly difficult to control. The Kingdom’s vaccination program is now underway but it is racing against the rapid pace of infections by the highly transmissible delta variant. The government plans to have 70 percent of the people inoculated by the end of the year.

In the meantime, the people of Thailand are showing their heart by pitching in and assisting others during the crisis.

Many Thais have realized that overworked nurses and hospitals needed as much help as those infected with COVID-19 did. More and more people come out to volunteer in helping those in need, not only in testing and care provisions but also spaces for field hospitals and equipment support.

AP mentioned an example of a volunteer group that help respond to calls from neighbors and buy supplies with public donations to deliver medicine, food and oxygen. They also provide rapid virus tests and help secure hospital beds for those who become critically ill. Such homespun heroes are certain what every country needs during any crisis.

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