Bangkok ranked world’s best city for ‘workation’

Digital nomads have ranked the Thai capital Bangkok as the best city in the world for a ‘workation,’ combining a vacation with work, according to a global survey by a German travel website.

Also making its way into the top 10 on the global list was Phuket, Thailand’s premier resort destination. While most visitors travel to the island for its white sand beaches, Phuket city also has a quaint, charming and convenient urban setting for work and relaxation combined.

Holidu, a German vacation search engine, conducted the survey, asking respondents to choose from among 150 cities around the world. Holidu then compiled the results in its Workation Index.

The German company said that it developed the index using a wide variety of metrics. Among the factors Holidu considered were the costs of renting a one-bedroom apartment, the cost of a cocktail after a long workday, Wi-Fi speeds, hours of sun each day, and leisure activities available among others.

“Having two Thai cities included in the top workation destinations of the world is a fantastic thumbs-up,” Tourism Authority of Thailand Governor Yuthasak Supasorn said. It “indicates their immense popularity among those who choose to work abroad from their home. Of all the cities on offer, it is truly pleasing to know so many choose Bangkok and Phuket as their favorite workation spots.”

Holidu said that Bangkok captured the top spot because of the variety of attractions and activities, its affordable cost of living, high-quality facilities, the number of proficient English speakers, and the fact that many international companies have offices in the city.

The German search engine cited the financial and cultural advantages of a workation in a Thai city, saying both Bangkok and Phuket offer an attractive balance of quality of life and affordability.

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