Thai Prime Minister pledges more electric vehicles at COP26

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha at the COP26 Climate Change Conference pledged that Thailand would use every means necessary to fight climate change, including having 15 million electric vehicles by 2035.
Warning that there is no “Planet B” and so humankind has no choice but take whatever measures are needed to stop climate change, the Prime Minister said that with access to technology and green finance, the Kingdom could do even better on its environmental goals.
“I am here to express Thailand’s willingness to be more aggressive in addressing climate change challenges in every way and every means possible by aiming at reaching carbon neutrality in 2050, and net zero GHG emissions in or before 2065,” General Prayut said.
Bangkok is already moving with speed towards that objective. Last week, Kittikan Chomdoung Charuworaponkul, Directors of Bangkok Mass Transit Authority, unveiled his plan to begin replacing the capital’s fleet of gas guzzling buses with electric models.
Thailand has prioritized electric and next-generation technologies for vehicle production as part of its Thailand 4.0 advanced national development strategy. Included in the strategy is adoption of Industry 4.0 programs to make factories cleaner, greener and digitally driven.
Not all climate change measures are technological, however. Many are nature based. Prime Minister Prayut has also vowed to plant 100 million new trees across the Kingdom by the end of 2022.
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