Ambassador Manasvi co-hosted IFE Climate Dinner with Coach Kathy Kemper

On November 5, 2021, Ambassador Manasvi Srisodapol co-hosted with Coach Kathy Kemper, Founder and CEO of the Institute for Education (IFE), an IFE Climate Dinner at the Residence, with Juliet Eilperin, Deputy Climate and Environment Editor of the Washington Post, as a Special Guest.

Other guests included Hon. Mark W. Menezes from Global Sustainable Energy Advisors LLC, and former Deputy Secretary of Energy, Ms. Jane A. Flegal from White House Office of Domestic Climate Policy, Mr. Jon Berg from Embassy of Norway, Dr. Dagmara Koska from the EU Delegation, Mr. Srinivasan Prabhushankar from Indorama Ventures PCL, Dr. R. David Edelman from MIT, Ms. Erin Gallagher from Microsoft, Dr. Michelle Holko from Google for Cloud Health Care and Life Sciences, Dr. Mike Kuperberg from the U.S. Global Change Research Program, OSTP, Mr. Shaun Modi, Stealth Startup CEO, Mr. Sumrit Deddechanukul and Mrs. Krongthip Somala from WPN Recycling. Embassy’s DCM Boosara Kanchanalai and Counselor Dussadee Klinpho also joined the discussion.

The IFE Dinner was an opportunity for guests to exchange views and share their expertise, insights, and perspectives on various topics related to climate, including the outcomes of COP26, the sustainability of climate policy, and how public and private sectors can work together to build trust, create level playing field, and ensure commitment in order to tackle the climate crisis.