Four Thai COVID-19 vaccines in human trials

Four Thai-developed COVID-19 vaccines are now in human trials, the government announced last week, as the emergence of the omicron variant shows that continuing vaccine research is essential for an effective and fluid global response to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Ratchada Dhnadirek, Deputy Government Spokesperson, all four are making good progress and showing promise that they will prove safe and effective, although their success or failure can only be determined at the conclusion of the trials followed by evaluation by qualified scientists and agencies

“Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha is paying close attention to COVID-19 vaccine projects and is ready to allocate funds to support research and development, efficiency tests and registration, in a bid to maintain Thailand’s vaccine stability,” Ratchada said.

She added that the government had approved a $142-million budget to support the research and development of the vaccines. Government agencies, universities and private companies are among those working on the formulations.

The Kingdom’s public health system has been called a model for other developing nations by the United Nations.

Currently, countries such as Thailand that may be able to develop and manufacture their own safe and effective vaccines could play a pivotal role in the global response to the pandemic. Thailand has said that it would also make its vaccines available to other countries, particularly poorer neighboring countries, when they are ready.