Thai firm will build region’s biggest wind farm

Thailand’s BCPG has been awarded a $652 million loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to build the largest wind energy farm in Southeast Asia in neighboring country Lao PDR.

The Monsoon Wind farm in Lao PDR is designed to produce 600 megawatts of electricity. Bundit Sapianchai, CEO of BCPG, said that it will play a significant role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the region.  He estimated that it would reduce emissions by 35 tons over its lifetime.

“We are confident that the Monsoon Wind project will create value to all stakeholders, including communities in the areas and on the planet,” Bundit said.

The investment will also contribute to improving the economy and social conditions in the Lao PDR, which has been positioning itself as “the Battery of Asia” by partnering with companies and other countries to build power plants, mainly hydropower plants because the Mekong River runs along the country’s western border.

But in the last few years, Lao PDR is also expanding into other forms of renewables, often with the help of Thailand. Thailand is the leader in wind and solar power in Southeast Asia, which makes for a natural potential partnership.

Bundit said that other multilateral development banks, along with Thai and overseas commercial banks, have also expressed interest in financing the Monsoon Wind project.

“We are considering proposals from these institutions and will finalize a selection process within the first quarter of next year,” he added.

The new wind farm is expected to be located in the Sekong and Attapeu provinces in southern Lao PDR and should commence operations some time in 2025.

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