Thailand makes infrastructure its New Year’s priority

Marking the new year, Thailand’s government has resolved to speed up infrastructure investment and construction in 2022 placing priority on provincial rail lines and accelerating $60 billion in spending on megaprojects.

The spending and investment will increase connectivity and logistics throughout the Kingdom and with neighboring countries. It will also propel the completion of 36 megaprojects that should stimulate economic development. The moves are part of the government’s ongoing nationwide infrastructure upgrade to increase the Kingdom’s global competitiveness.

Minister of Transport Saksayam Chidchob said that the projects are expected to improve the country’s logistics networks and systems. The lion’s share of the investment will come from various government budgets, while a significant amount would also come from partnerships with the private sector.

Public-private partnerships provide opportunities for investors.

Of the 36 projects, 11 are for road transport worth a combined $7.85 billion, 20 rail lines valued at $45 billion, three aviation projects worth $2.4 billion and two maritime transport schemes worth $3.4 billion.

Separately, a government spokesman said that a total of 50.6 miles of rail infrastructure projects in six provinces will be rolling forward within the next few years.  These including light rail lines in several provinces across the Kingdom: Khon Kaen, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Nakhon Ratchasima, Hat Yai and Phitsanulok.

Rail is still a major mode of transport in Thailand both for people and for cargo. The Kingdom’s location at the center of mainland Southeast Asia makes a strategic pathway for trade across from East Asia to South Asia, and the rest of Asia to the West.

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