Thai industry group aiding auto parts firms adapting to EVs.

The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI), the Kingdom’s largest industry group, has begun working with auto parts manufacturers to produce components for electric vehicles (EVs) as the auto industry shift gears towards sustainability.

Pinai Sirinakorn, Chairman of FTI’s Auto Parts Club, said that they were helping over 2,500 parts manufacturers to adapt to the new demands of car markers. The Kingdom has long had a broad and deep auto parts industry to support the global vehicle makers manufacturing in Thailand, adding to the strength of the sector.

Electric and next-generation vehicles are a priority sector in Thailand’s advanced development plans. Parts makers have had to adapt to gain more capital and learn technological know-how to transform into suppliers for next-generation vehicles.

The FTI hopes that, by working with parts companies, those firms will be able to adjust, acclimatize and then thrive in the new auto-making environment.

“The club wants to support and help its members adjust their businesses to continue operations,” Pinai said.

About 800 parts manufacturers are members of the club, but Pinai said the plan is designed to help all 2,500 existing suppliers. The club’s plan will be presented to the new Chairman of the Federation next month.

It will encourage companies to improve production efficiency to meet the methods and standards of Industry 4.0, which promotes the use of digital technology and data analysis in manufacturing.

The Federation said that auto parts companies in Thailand are original equipment manufacturers, supplying products to domestic and global markets.

About 40 percent of auto parts are exported while 60 percent are sold domestically.