Salesforce ranks Thailand third in digital skills


Thailand’s workforce ranks 3rd out of 19 countries in digital skills readiness, according to Salesforce, the U.S.-based global firm specializing in customer relationship management. At the same time, Singapore-based Kepios also said that Thailand shows a strong level of digital readiness.

The Salesforce Global Digital Skills Index placed Thailand just behind India and Brazil among the 19 countries examined. Salesforce gathered opinions from 23,000 workers across those countries, including 1,400 in Thailand. The questions focused on readiness to acquire digital skills now and during the coming five years.

The survey found that 51 percent of Thai respondents said they were already equipped with those skills, compared to an average of 40 percent in the other countries. Over 39 percent of Thais said they were currently undergoing digital skills training, while 43 percent said they expect to be trained in the next five years.

“Thailand demonstrates strong confidence in workplace digital skills readiness with a leading index score and a higher level of preparedness and readiness than the global average,” said Kittipong Asawapichayon, Area Vice-President and Managing Director of Salesforce Thailand.

Among Thai respondents, encryption and cybersecurity topped the list as the most essential skills needed by business, followed by e-commerce and digital trade, digital administration, digital marketing and collaborative technology.

Also, last week, Kepios, a strategic consultancy, found that Thailand has a strong level of digital readiness, a high internet penetration, and high levels of social media engagement, mobile connections, online shopping and digital payments. The results were published in its “Digital 2022: Thailand” report.

Kepios found that 36.2 percent of Thais used a mobile payment service, and 20.1 percent owned some form of cryptocurrency.

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