Incentives for filming in Thailand

Thailand Film Office  is delighted to show some of the incredible locations which have attracted film-makers from all over the world to Thailand. You will find amazing landscapes, beautiful temples, exciting cities, and a rich cultural heritage. The only real way to experience the wonders of Thailand is to visit, but throughout this folder, you’ll find QR Codes which you can Scan, giving you a virtual trip to the locations through 360-degree VR technology.
Many incentives were approved for any interested group in filming industry from abroad to do filming in Thailand. In this regard, Facebook Fanpage (  is created for Local Coordinator / Location / Studio / Film Crews / Equipment / Casting / Extra / Catering / Transport / Medic / Etc. in order to granting opportunities for thier promotions
Why Thailand 
– Abundant skilled and creative resources
– Low costs of production and living expenses
– All around convenience
– Equipped with the most advanced technology
– Fast approval for filming and efficient government procedures
– Diversity of location / scenery
Get to know Thailand Film Office
Foreign film production business in Thailand began in the year 1922 as Universal Pictures, an American moviemaker came to shoot a movie titled “Miss Suwan” or “Kingdom of Heaven” in Thailand, directed by Mr. Henry Maldwyn Hughes. The business has grown periodically. By 1930, the government established the procedures and methods of filming and requests of permission from the Thai Film Industry Promotion Board, chaired by the Prime Minister and appointed the Sub-committee for Filming Permit Applications Consideration, chaired by the Permanent Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office and the Public Relations Department acts as secretary and licensing department. Later, in October 2001, the Thailand Film Office, Public Relations Department was established. Then, in October 2002, the government reformed the bureaucracy, transferring the Thailand Film Office, Public Relations Department to the Office of Tourism Development, Ministry of Tourism and Sports (known as the Department of Tourism at present) with a mission to consider filming permit applications to shoot foreign movies in Thailand, promote related businesses, publicize and invite foreign filming companies, coordinate and facilitate foreign film production teams in Thailand.
List of Tourism Designated Locations

If the film given support engages in filming in Department of Tourism designated locations, and the number of days of principal photography in these areas is not less than 50% of the total filming days in Thailand, then the production may apply for an additional
incentive of 3%.

(Privileges granted under the Thailand Film Incentive Measures include as following; primary incentive of 15% where the total local spending of the film given support is 50 million Baht or above, and subject to review and approval of the financial report and related
documents by the Department of Tourism in accordance with the Revenue Department practice. Productions may be eligible for a maximum additional incentive of 5%.)

Filming in Thailand Monthly Statistics (October 2021)