Levi Strauss builds its own operation in Thailand


Independence is the right fit for Levi Strauss & Company in Thailand. The American maker of the iconic Levi’s denim jeans has founded a subsidiary to build its brand in the Kingdom.

“Thailand has a huge opportunity to grow our business due to a favorable customer demographic. Levi’s has very strong brand recognition among Thai fans. Moreover, Thai customers love to express themselves,” said Sameer Koul, General Manager for the company in Southeast Asia.

Koul said that the new subsidiary, LS&Co Thailand, will handle distribution, marketing and other tasks. He believes that by keeping the business in-house and planning its own strategies, Levi’s will be better able to connect with a new generation of customers ages 18 to 30.

To support that, Levi’s has already been opening new brick-and-mortar shops called “NextGen Indigo Stores.” Eight are already open and the company plans many more.

At one of the shops, buyers can customize the jeans they will buy in terms of style and decorations. Koul added that customization is proving to be popular and so will be expanded to other shops.

Levi’s will also launch a Thai-language website soon that will allow buyers to design or customize their jeans online.

First worn by cowboys in the Old West, few things are as American as denim, and Levi’s has long been the premier brand in denim and jeans. 55 percent of Levi Strauss & Company’s sales now come from international markets. The company earned over $5.8 billion in revenues in 2021.

Photo courtesy of: https://www.facebook.com/LevisThailand