Leading Thai private school will establish AI research institute

VISTEC, a private tertiary school for Thailand’s most talented science students, will set up an artificial intelligence (AI) research institute in partnership with the government. The institute will advance the skills of students and make its innovations available to business.

AI is a foundational field in advanced high-technology economies and businesses. Thailand is determined to become that type of economy and the transition is already underway. Hence, building a workforce versed in AI and other cutting-edge technologies is an area the Kingdom needs to address in fulfilling ambitions and become even more competitive and innovative.

VISTEC said that the goal of the new institute is to be a one-stop-service center for education, experiments, research, and exchange of knowledge on AI.

This will contribute to the development of a digital workforce while conducting research to answer the rising demands of industry and the digital innovation service sector.

“The mission is to enhance the competitiveness of our partners with cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies. Also, to improve the accessibility of advanced modelling techniques to solve real world problems, together with improving tech competency of society through innovative automation and productivity solution for all ages,” added Professor Sarana Nutanong.

The school will partner with the government’s Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), which plan to guide the research towards the areas needed by businesses. Not only big firms, but also startups, small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs.

“Many people have taken advantage of this technology. Not only big business organisations, but all entrepreneurs can tap AI to develop their knowledge and take their business forward,” said Pailin Chuchottaworn of VISTEC and a former chairman of PTT, the state energy company.