Flowers Mart 2022 “Flowers Around the World”

During 6-7 May 2022, The Royal Thai Embassy, Washington, D.C., participated in the Flower Mart 2022 hosted by All Hallows Guild at the Washington National Cathedral. The Flower Mart is the largest annual fundraiser that the All Hallows Guild has hosted since 1939 for the Cathedral’s gardens and grounds. Visitors could join many  other activities, besides witnessing beautiful flower arrangements from many countries around the world, such as getting on an antique carousel, visiting boutique merchandise and food booths, appreciating the ‘flower district’ in the center of the Cathedral’s front lawn displaying garden plants, as well as being entertained by live performances and children’s game area.

The Flower Mart 2022 is also a part of Passport DC programs under Cultural Tourism D.C. In 2006, the first “Flowers Around the World” exhibit was held in the magnificent nave of the Cathedral. Many Washington Embassies, Ambassadors, and their floral designers contributed to the creation of gorgeous flower arrangements that highlight each country’s natural and cultural heritage in the bays that run the length of the great hall. This year, it was the 80th year of the Flower Mart in Washington D.C. after a two-year hiatus.

Thailand’s flower arrangement has the “Open. Connect. Balance.” theme. The Thai floral corner was decorated mainly by orchids and the ‘Chalom,’ which is the theme Thailand as the APEC (The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) 2022 Chair proudly presents. The explanation/caption at the flowers display of Thailand is;


The key principles of being a global citizen are to OPEN to all opportunities, CONNECT in all dimensions, and BALANCE in all aspects. The “chalom,” a Thai-style woven bamboo basket, represents these principles by embodying strong bonds within Thai communities in the U.S. and the closely-connected friendship between Thailand and other countries in the world.

A “chalom” is normally used to carry goods and gifts on a journey towards open trade and connectivity. Malai or floral garlands (orchids) are ornamental objects signifying the importance of respect in the Thai culture.


The Annual Flower Mart Opening Ceremony on May 6, 2022 was presided by Mayor Bowser Serves, while Minister Boosara Kanchanalai, Deputy Chief of Mission, was the Embassy’s representative to join the ceremony. Mr. Prin Pongjaroen, Deputy Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), New York Office and the team were also present at the event. There were over 100 participants attending the Opening Ceremony and many more stopped by the Flower Mart during the two days.

The Annual Flower Mart Openign Ceremony