Thailand making headway on ocean plastic pollution

Thailand’s efforts to stop plastics from polluting the oceans are making progress as the Kingdom moved down the list of marine plastic polluters, according to the United Nations. Thai officials are vowing that the country will do even better moving forward.

Since five years ago, the Kingdom has shown strong resolve to protect the blue environment. It has taken the lead to tackle the issue in the region, facilitating multilateral agreements to stop plastics from entering the oceans.

At the United Nations’ most recent Environmental Assembly meeting held in Nairobi, Kenya, Thailand reached an international agreement to combat the looming problem of plastic waste. Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Varawut Silapa-archa attended the meeting and agreed that the Kingdom will join the global initiative called End Plastic Pollution: Towards an International Legally Binding Instrument.

The government will set up a panel to amend Thai laws to be in line with international laws and agreements to fight plastic pollution and preserve the seas. The Kingdom will also measure and report levels of marine plastic pollution to the United Nations.

Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs also confirmed that the Kingdom is accelerating actions to reduce plastic waste to benefit society and reduce global warming.

The Kingdom is working towards completely ending the use of seven types of single-use plastics: plastic mixed with oxo compounds, plastic water bottle sleeves, micro-beads, thin plastic bags, foam takeaway food boxes, single use plastic cups and plastic straws. Thailand aims to replace all seven types with alternative environmentally-friendly materials and make them 100 percent recyclable by 2027.

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