Visa: Thailand is world’s 4th most attractive destination

Get your visas to Thailand ready because the latest Visa Global Travel Intentions Study rated Thailand as the fourth most attractive destination in the world, following the U.S., the UK and India.

Thailand has long been regarded as a global tourism success story. Since air travel exploded half a century ago, the Land of Smiles became much easier to reach, whilst the Kingdom’s wonders, strengths and charms have continually won over visitors from around the world.

Respondents to the Visa survey said that Thai traditional massage was their favorite activity when visiting the Kingdom, followed by Thai cuisine dining, relaxing at Thailand’s world-class resorts, and cultural traveling, which Thailand offers in abundance.

The study also cited Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Hua Hin as the most online searched destinations for relaxing, escaping the hectic pace of life, and outdoor activities.

Visa said that its Travel Intentions Survey, established in 2004, is the most comprehensive survey of its kind that monitors and analyses international travel trends and travel behavior globally. The survey is designed to detect and analyzes current and future travel trends; the profile of today’s typical traveler; habits of the affluent traveler; the different choices made by first time travelers; the impact of technology on travel,  and travel payment methods and patterns.

The survey results together with Thailand’s current reopening for international travel offer a strong ray of hope for the Kingdom’s tourism industry. While the Kingdom is expecting a few million visitors this year, a study by the Pacific Asia Travel Association, also known as PATA, predicts that next year Thailand may have nearly 47 million visitors for a new national record.

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