Pride parade in Bangkok celebrated

Thailand’s LGBTI+ community held its annual Gay Pride parade in Bangkok last Sunday with first-time full support and participation from both national and local governments. The recently elected Bangkok Governor declared that the event is a hallmark of the capital’s inclusive culture.

“Bangkok is a city of diversity in many aspects, not just sexual diversity. We can live happily when we can accept diversity,” said Chadchart Sittipunt, the new Bangkok Governor.

June is recognized as the Pride month in many countries. New York City hosted the first pride march in 1969, and over time, many countries have begun holding pride parades in June.

Thailand is a country and culture with generally conservative values. One of those values is tolerance, and that has always extended to its gay and trans communities. Violence against LGBTI+ people is rare, and the country has had many gay and trans people who have become prominent in public life.

Organizers said that the event would also further the causes of social justice and gender inequality, aside from sexual diversity.

“This will be the first real Pride event in Bangkok’s history,” feminism activist Siri “Tata” Nilphruek told a press conference before the parade, citing the engagement with the national and local governments.

The press conference included representatives from state agencies, including the Prime Minister’s Office, political parties, foreign Embassies, and the private sector.

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