Tesla registers to enter the Thai market

Exploring space, the final frontier, surely gets headlines for Tesla, but the American high-technology firm is also set to expand into a new frontier – the Kingdom of Thailand. The company founded by Elon Musk recently registered to sell its electric vehicles, batteries and solar products in the Kingdom.

Thailand is the first country in Southeast Asia where Tesla will have an official presence. The company had been working to enter the Indian market earlier but said last month that that effort has been put on hold.

Occasionally, Tesla vehicles can already be seen on Thailand’s roads, but those are generally owned by individuals who went through a complicated process of importing them. Tesla reportedly takes that into account when considering if a market would have enough demand to support its presence.

And in 2020, the Royal Thai Police bought a fleet of Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles for use as patrol cars. The move that was praised by some for its environmental vision as its cost is priced in the same range as normal combustion engine vehicles of comparable size.

Tesla has filed for permission to sell its products in Thailand, which may take some time before the company is fully operated in the Kingdom. The global map on its website will soon show planned service centers of Superchargers in the country.

Photo courtesy of  https://www.world-energy.org/article/25064.html