Bangkok governor vows to plant one million trees

The newly elected Governor of Bangkok has vowed to plant at least one million trees in the capital during his four-year term, breaking ground for the first few at a riverside park last week on the Queen’s birthday and World Environment Day.

Governor Chadchart Sittipunt also participated in a cleanup of the Chao Phraya River. The waterway, also known as The River of Kings, courses through the capital, flowing down from the north past historic temples before spilling into the Gulf of Thailand. He led a fleet of 50 kayaks and boats on the hyacinth-strewn waters, scooping up plastic waste and other trash, although the river was relatively clean that day.

The Governor said that his green agenda for Bangkok would help Thailand achieve its goal of reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. The Kingdom is committed to reaching that target in line with its pledges under the Paris Climate Accords and COP 26.

“We will take care of the problems together,” Chadchart added after returning to shore.

In a recent opinion poll, Bangkok residents said they want the new Governor to prioritize traffic and transport problems. The Governor responded by meeting with the various agencies responsible for managing the capital’s traffic. He said that they would analyze the causes, devise solutions and he vowed improvements within one year.

Traffic in the Kingdom has improved significantly in recent years with the advent of commuter rail lines. More are being built, and the new Governor has said that he will push to lower fares so more people could take advantage of them.

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