Thailand creates strategy to increase innovation

Thailand’s government has unveiled a strategy to propel the Kingdom into the top ranks of global innovators with an emphasis on finance, aviation, and special innovation districts as new technology adoption, driven by the pandemic, gains speed among the nation’s businesses.

The National Innovation Agency (NIA), an innovation arm of the government, said that the strategy has seven prongs and aims to position Thailand in the top 30 nations on the Global Innovation Index by 2030.  “The use of innovation to accelerate the development of the country has become more significant,” said Pun-Arj Chairatana, Executive Director of the NIA.

The pace of innovation in the Kingdom has shifted into a higher gear because of disruptions spurred by the global pandemic including the emergence of a cashless society, online meetings, working from home, telemedicine and vaccine development.

“Although these emerging technologies, including the metaverse, require more development, they are expected to create an astounding change in the economy and society,” Pun-Arj said.

To build the country’s brand as “Innovation Thailand,” Pun-Arj added that the Kingdom will pursue the following seven prongs:

The first is to increase innovation-based enterprise capability to enable businesses to survive amid abrupt changes in innovative systems.

The second is to build and foster human capacity innovation.

The third is a push to utilize innovation infrastructure and ensure access to innovation services.

The fourth involves efforts to enhance innovation opportunity and regionalization.

The fifth is to reshape the regulatory environment to facilitate innovation processes.

The sixth concerns efforts to create recognition of Thailand as one of the world’s foremost innovators.

The final prong is to transform innovation systems to address global challenges.

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