Royal Thai Embassy’s Capstone Session with the Embassy Adoption Program’s Partner School

During the last meeting of this 2021-2022 academic year’s Embassy Adoption Program (EAP), 14 students from the 5th grade class of Garrison Elementary and 3 teachers visited the Embassy in Georgetown and presented a video of their favorite things about Thailand. The favorites include Thai animals, food and fruits, Thai kickboxing and beaches. The students also gifted a picture book showing a compilation of the Embassy’s past visits and what they learned about Thailand.


This was the capstone session of a year-long EAP partnership program that the Embassy met with the class every quarter. During this visit, Minister-Counsellor Waramon Waruttama led a team of Thai diplomats and staff to share stories about Thailand and presented the class with souvenirs including wooden “tuk-tuks” (motor-tricycle mode of transport) with their names written in Thai on top, as well as Thai food and snacks, before bidding farewell to the students and wish them luck for their next school year.

In this regard, the Embassy would like to thank the class teacher, Ms. Janna Huynh, and her teacher friends along with the D.C. Public School’s EAP through Ms. Atara Muhammad, who was present at this meeting, for their considerable help with all the visits. Kobkun kha!

The EAP program was created to share diverse perspectives and share experiences from different countries to students from local school districts. The Embassy is beyond grateful to participate in this annual tradition as we believe it is the foundation to building a better understanding and relationships between cultures.