For digital nomads, Bangkok ranked second-best city in the world

For the world’s 35 million digital nomads, Bangkok is the second-best city in the world in which to ply their trades, according to a British work solutions firm, which cited the Thai capital’s ubiquitous WIFI, delicious cuisines and affordable accommodations.
The ranking is a promising sign for Bangkok and Thailand as the nature of work has been changing during the past decade and those changes accelerated during the pandemic. More than ever, workers, especially entrepreneurs and consultants, are seeking greater freedom, flexibility and the ability to work remotely from any location they choose. Bangkok is meeting their needs and desires.
British firm The Instant Group said that Bangkok’s appeal is based on “delectable local food, the availability of over 15,000 high-speed WiFi spots, stellar transport options as well as the cheapest accommodation available globally, averaging $33 a night for an Airbnb.”
The Thai capital was bested only by Lisbon in Portugal. Many of the world’s most popular tourist cities, such as London and Paris, fared poorly in the survey because of high costs. At the same time, more than half of the cities that were ranked in the top 60 were in Asia.
The Instant Group also added that there were an estimated 35 million digital nomads in 2021, but that number could skyrocket to over a billion by 2035 and account for one-third of the global workforce.
The consultancy said that more than half of digital nomads work in digital marketing, computer science, creative industries or copywriting and design, but many more fields are included and lend themselves to this new mode of work.