Thai cable company joins Hollywood anti-piracy group

Thailand’s leading cable and satellite television provider TrueVisions has become one of the first Asian companies to join a Hollywood-based anti-piracy industry group that includes Walt Disney Company and Netflix.

TrueVisions and another streaming service Viu are the first companies on the continent to enlist as members in the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment. The alliance is part of the U.S. Motion Picture Association and has 39 members, most of them major media companies. All the major Hollywood film studios have joined, as well as BBC Worldwide.

The move by TrueVisions is further evidence of Thailand’s increasing commitment to fighting intellectual property piracy, counterfeiting and trademark, patent and copyright violations. Thailand’s creative and entertainment industries also are victims of piracy and many Thai entertainment companies and artists are members of a local anti-piracy coalition.

“We now have local partners fighting this local fight, who can connect to local law enforcement,” said Charles Rivkin, chairman of the alliance and the Motion Picture Association (MPA).

“It’s a whole lot more effective when you have a local player come in with the MPA than the MPA just parachuting in on our own and trying to make headway.”

Rivkin said that some of the world’s biggest illegal streaming sites are in Asia, and so he has been working hard to enlist Asian companies as members.

The pandemic only made the piracy situation worse. Estimates are that piracy has cost U.S. entertainment companies $29 billion to $71 billion in lost revenue every year, according to executives at the organization. Rivkin added that banding media companies together is an important step, because they typically notice, and act on, copyright and intellectual property theft before police.

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