Thaicom and America’s Globalstar will launch satellite for sea rescues

Thaicom, the Kingdom’s private-sector satellite company, is partnering with Globalstar of the U.S. to launch a low earth orbit satellite that will help pinpoint tourists and seafarers who need rescuing in the waters off Thailand’s coasts.
Thailand is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and popular islands, as well as white-sand beach resorts along the coasts of its southern isthmus. Sailing, yachting and water sports are also prime attractions. Therefore, tourist safety has been one of the Kingdom’s priorities.
“Thaicom and Globalstar realize the importance of tourist safety and are ready to support the country’s reopening. The services will start in Phuket and gradually expand to other provinces,” said Patompob Suwansiri, Chief Executive of Thaicom.
He added that the satellites would also assist maritime industries. The location services would also help seamen on merchant ships or fishing vessels that are in need.
Low earth orbit (LEO) satellites circle the earth at altitudes between 31 miles and 1,242 miles. Traditional communications satellites orbit at over 22,000 miles.
Thaicom deal is its first partnership in the LEO satellite business. Globalstar, is a leading provider of satellite IoT (Internet of Things) solutions and mobile satellite services through its 50 LEO satellites.
Under the terms of the agreement, Globalstar is hiring Thaicom to develop, equip and operate ground station facilities at Thaicom’s Teleport Center just north of Bangkok for Globalstar’s LEO satellite constellation.
Thaicom said that the infrastructure and services of the ground station will enable the deployment of commercial LEO satellite services by Globalstar in the region, and would help Thaicom expand its services to other markets.