Thailand partners with Israel on cyber security

Thailand has signed a cyber security cooperation agreement with the state of Israel to shore up the Kingdom’s cyber defensive shields, as many experts have said that countries in Southeast Asia are vulnerable to cyber threats.
The deal represents Thailand’s first cyber security agreement with another nation. Israel is a world leader in cyber defense and will share best practices and solutions with the Kingdom. The Israeli Embassy in Bangkok said that the country has been providing cyber security expertise and technology to other countries and organizations, protecting billions of people for three decades.
The Embassy added that under the agreement, Israel would exchange information on cybersecurity policies, incidents and best practices, human resource development, organize visits on current issues, and include other types of cooperation.
In March of this year, Thailand’s Minister of Digital Economy and Society Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn mentioned that the country’s cyber defenses have some room to improve to be able to counter cyber threats and warfare better.
“Cybersecurity is increasingly important because it is close to people’s lives and a crucial global trend as digital connects many dimensions. Any activities related to digital could increase the risk of a cyber-attack,” said Chaiwut.
At the signing ceremony last week, Israeli Ambassador Orna Sagiv said “cyber attacks do not have locations or borders, and this isn’t something we can deal with alone. If we want to deal with it effectively, we have to collaborate and learn from each other.”
Prachya Chalermwat, Head of Thailand’s National Cyber Security Agency, said that “public and private sectors around the world have been experiencing malicious cyber incidents and as a result have lost certain benefits to cybercrime. Enhancing our country’s cyber security is a challenge we all need to focus on.”