Business sector to showcase Thai economy at APEC CEO Summit

Corporate leaders in Thailand are eager to showcase the Kingdom’s vibrant and diverse economy when they host the APEC CEO Summit in Bangkok in November, with a focus on the circular and digital economies, as well as inclusive growth.

The gathering in the Thai capital will be the first time since 2020 that business leaders from the 21 economies of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) will meet face-to-face. Pandemic-related public health restrictions had limited travels and gathering for previous summits.

“The summit marks an opportunity for us to showcase the Thai economy, which is ranked second (in Southeast Asia) in terms of GDP after Indonesia,” said Poj Aramwattananont, Chairman of the APEC CEO Summit and a member of the APEC Business Advisory Council Thailand.

The three-day summit will be held November 16 through 18 at the Iconsiam Conference Center on the banks of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. Thailand previously hosted APEC in 1992 and 2003. The theme for this year’s APEC is “Open. Connect. Balance.”

While Thailand’s GDP is rebounding after the pandemic, its economy is also undergoing a more meaningful transition. Having weathered various global downturns and crises in recent decades, the Kingdom’s political and corporate leaders are placing a premium on sustainability.

As part of that, Thailand is adopting and promoting the BCG (bio, circular and green) economy. In the circular economy, resources are used carefully to produce goods that are then reused or recycled. This conserves resources and reduces waste and pollution, which will help the Kingdom achieve its pledges to reach carbon neutrality.

Aside from a surge in domestic industries adopting BCG practices, the Kingdom is also attracting overseas businesses and investors that also are engaged in sustainable methods and advanced technologies, through generous investment incentives and privileges.

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