Thailand ranked among 10 best countries for expats

Thailand made the 2022 list of top ten best countries for expats to live in, according to a survey of those living abroad in 52 countries by Berlin-based InterNations, an online organization that connects expat communities.

Thailand is ranked 8th in the report entitled Expat Insider 2022: The World Through Expat Eyes.  That was an improvement from 14th and 20th in the previous years. Other countries in Asia also scored well, 4 are in the top ten.

The survey asked each expat community how satisfied they were in their country of residence. Categories included: Quality of Life, Ease of Settling In, Working Abroad, and Personal Finance.

The Kingdom scored high in cost of living and personal finance, and in ease of making connections. Respondents said that Thailand has excellent healthcare and leisure options.

Thailand came 1st in housing, with those taking part in the survey describing their accommodation as both affordable, 74 percent versus 39 percent globally, and easy to find, 85 percent versus 54 percent globally.

“Expats vote Thailand 3rd for general cost of living — 71 percent are happy with this factor, 26 percentage points more than the global average (45 percent). Thus, it is no surprise that 70 percent are happy with their financial situation,” the report added.

The Kingdom finished 2nd place worldwide for culinary variety. Over 77 percent of respondents said that they have access to good healthcare in Thailand, with most saying the care is good quality and easily available.

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