UN names Thai startup global excellence leader in sustainability

5GCT, a Thai startup that analyzes ecosystem data to help make smart cities even smarter, has been named a global excellence leader in sustainability by United Nations agencies, at an international conference hosted by the The UN Global Sustainability Index Institute.
The company received the designation at the 25 + 5 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Cities Conference and showcased its work at the SDG Labs in Davos, Switzerland.
5GCT has developed what it calls its Urban Data Platform. It is an all-in-one system that collects and analyzes city ecosystem data that urban planners can use to enhance living standards and promote sustainable growth. The company says it has helped make cities “smart” by enabling city leaders to make sense of existing data to improve the lives of citizens.
“Currently, 5GCT is working with three cities in Thailand. We aim to grow this to 10 cities by 2024,” said Nipath Yomkit, Chief Technical Officer.
Having established a partnership with National Telecom of Thailand in 2020, 5GCT launched Thailand’s first official 5G enabled smart city pilot program in Ban Chang, Rayong. The city is located in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), Thailand’s advanced development zone just east of the capital Bangkok.
EEC Secretary General Kanit Sangsubhan praised the program as the model prototype for smart cities in Thailand, starting with EEC itself as the industrial hub of Thailand.
Although the EEC’s focus is advanced industry, it also intends to be a center for green communities and a higher quality of life supported by cutting-edge technologies.
“We have built the platform to achieve the mission to help cities become resilient and inclusive, harnessing data to enhance citizen livelihoods and promote a true sustainable economy,” said Shannon Kalayanamitr, CEO, 5GCT. “With the recent international recognition from the SDG Labs in Davos and World Urban Forum, we aim to progressively bring Thailand and all of its citizens’ livelihoods to the global standards.”
Photo courtesy of https://techsauce.co/en/pr-news/5gct-thai-sustainability-tech-startup-sets-stage-for-smart-cities