Thai country pop star towers over Times Square

The image of Thai country pop singer Jintara Poonlarp has made it in New York, towering over Times Square as part of Spotify’s global Equal campaign that promotes women’s equity and empowerment.

The 53-year-old Jintara is a living legend in Thailand. She has released over 50 albums and 47 singles and been touring for 33 years. Aside from her occasional forays into pop, her songs are mostly luk tung, which is Thailand’s version of country music, and mor lam, another rural style of song that is similar to rap in that the words are mostly spoken. She has also starred in Thai films and national television shows.

“Finally,” Jintara wrote on her official Facebook page two weeks ago with a photo of her several-stories-high image on One Times Square, the building where the balls drops on New Year’s Even in front of a worldwide audience. “Thank you Spotify for me be a part of EQUAL THAILAND. A great campaign to support women’s empowerment.”

“Spotify launched EQUAL, a global music program as a part of its commitment to advancing gender equity in music. The initiative aims to celebrate women pushing the envelope and inspiring the next generation of artists, producers, and executives,” Billboard wrote earlier this year.

Spotify wrote on its website that a study it funded found that “only one in five artists on the charts are women. Yet we know how integral women artists’ influence has been on Spotify and the music industry at large. To begin to upend this disparity, we must amplify the work of women creators.”

Some of the other artists featured in the campaign include Thailand’s pop songstress Bowkylion, Saweetie of the U.S., Griff of the United Kingdom, Duda Beat of Brazil, and Gyakie of Ghana.

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