MultiCORE of U.S. piloting “Tip Your Farmer” app in Thailand

Diners in Thailand will soon be able to tip the local farmers who grew their food by using a blockchain-based smartphone app created by MultiCORE, an American tech innovator, which says the program supports transparent, sustainable supply chains.
MultiCORE is piloting the program called “Tip Your Farmer” as part of an official proof-of-concept research initiative sanctioned by the World Economic Forum (WEF). It has often been said that the people who grow our food do not reap enough of the economic rewards. Now, Thailand will be a testing ground to see if this program can help create more equity and a better life for farmers who grow organically or follow best practices.
At a gala dinner at the Plaza Athenee in Bangkok, Marcus Shingles, Chief Innovation Officer at MultiCORE demonstrated the program to an elite group of Thai influencers. The next day, MultiCORE also held a workshop for farmers and growers interested in joining the Tip Your Farmer pilot initiative.
Under the program “participating hotels and restaurants would feature a seal on the menu that reads: “Blockchain Certified: Proof of Provenance.” By using a smartphone to scan the seal, the guest would see information on the organic and sustainable methods that were used to provide the meal, as well as the measures taken to assure that the meal was properly and ethically sourced, including fair wages for workers and humane treatment of animals.
“The guest also has the option of tipping their farmer via a QR code that brings them into an application on their phone. The application will walk them through a brief process in which they may directly reward, or pay gratitude to, the individuals and/or their local farming communities,” The Nation wrote.
Thailand is 13th largest food exporter in the world, with $30.5 billion in food exports in 2021. Shingles said that the Tip Your Farmer initiative will highlight Thailand’s sustainability efforts to the global marketplace.