Message from the Ambassador

As I wind down my assignment in Washington DC at the end of September 2022, allow me to bid a warm farewell and deep appreciation to all my American friends, the diplomatic community and the Thai-American community for the warm friendship and constant support rendered for the last two years.

I consider it an honor and privilege to have played a small role in moving US-Thai relations forward in conjunction with relentless efforts and enthusiasm of the various officials of the governments and sectors of the United States and Thailand. During this course, I have witnessed frequent high level visits, expansion of two way trade and investments, and more vigorous cooperation in addressing challenges of the times, e.g. the COVID pandemic, energy security and economic recovery, to name a few. I am also pleased to witness a more nuanced interest and appreciation of Thailand. We owe much of this to the vigorous contribution of the Thai-American community and our American Friends of Thailand. And I am most confident that all this will help provide a sound basis as we celebrate the 190th anniversary of Thai-US diplomatic relations in 2023.

I am most proud that the Thai-American community have increasingly become active participants in various sectors of American society as well as in their local communities all over the United States. They are indeed an instrumental link enriching the history and depth of our bilateral relations. May I wish everyone good health and prosperity.

Manasvi Srisodapol